Bodybuilding for your brain

Neurofeedback is based on a simple concept; when you can see how your brainwaves behave, your brain can use that information to re-train itself and improve its performance.

The human brain is designed to produce four distinct brainwaves, each occurring during specific situations. A healthy, balanced, and properly regulated brain will produce the appropriate brain waves, at the appropriate levels and at the appropriate times, for any given situation. However, when the nervous system becomes tense and unbalanced as a result of subluxation, poor nutrition, stress, food sensitivities, drugs or trauma, the brain wave patterns become dysregulated, resulting in many different neurological conditions. Neurofeedback therapy addresses these dysregulations, restoring the brain to optimal performance.


as simple as watching tv

Though the science and technology behind Neurofeedback is quite complex, the patient experience is incredibly simple. For example, in certain training exercises, a patient may watch a DVD movie that is being controlled by their ability to regulate their brainwaves. The movie will get brighter as the brain waves normalize and become darker when they become dysregulated. The brain’s natural desire to watch the movie clearly, will drive those neurological circuits that normalize the brainwaves and allow the picture to be visualized. The more these new circuits are driven and used- the more neuroplastic changes take hold. The patient learns how to use these new circuits during the demands of every day life! 


a safer alternative

Far too often, patients suffering from neurological disorders are treated with prescription drugs that result in debilitating side effects. Neurofeedback therapy provides patients with a safe treatment alternative free from harmful side effects.


treatment with a timeline

Patients suffering from the most common neurological issues (ADHD, depression, etc.) are usually forced to take medication throughout their lifetime, stuck on a “hamster wheel” of prescription drugs. Neurofeedback therapy provides patients with a permanent solution that treats the cause of these neurological disorders, and not just the symptoms.

no drugs or surgeries

Neurofeedback is completely drugless and non-invasive. The FDA has recognized Neurofeedback Therapy as safe, and also observes that it has NEVER produced a serious side effect since its discovery over 40 years ago.

Schedule your brainmap session

To really understand the benefits of neurofeedback, you need to experience this incredible treatment yourself. Your personal BrainMap will show you exactly what areas of your brain need training.